Movement Intelligence

Movement intelligence is a course of rehabilitation using complex movement patterns to neurologically restore pain free, functional movement.

4 x 1hr sessions.

One to one.

In clinic.

Bodyweight exercises, no specialist equipment necessary.

PDF course manual to refer back to.

Re-educating the nervous system to stabilise the body functionally, through complex movement patterns.

Increased awareness of the body with an improved link between the nervous system and the muscular system.

This program will be particularly beneficial to;

  • Sportsmen/women from any sport, amateur to professional
  • Anyone with mobility/flexibility issues
  • Anyone prone to injury or recovering from injury/operation
  • Persons with bad posture or who have bad posture at work (eg driving or deskjob)
  • Recently pregnant women who want to return to pre pregnant weight/fitness
  • Anyone who wants to move better, feel better, feel stronger and feel healthier